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Broken Eyeglass Frames? We Can Help!

Eyeglass frame repair has become an increasingly complex endeavor, and FrameFixers is one of the leading centers for the full range of repairs involved.

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how to fix your broken eyeglass frames

Eyeglass frames today utilize a wide range of exotic plastics and metals, as well as dramatic and high stress designs that push the capabilities of the materials to their limits. For this reason, broken eyeglass frame repair requires far more knowledge and equipment than ever before. FrameFixers has the experience and equipment to offer a full array of repairs.

Plastic eyeglass frame repair must now contend with over a dozen types of compounds, each of which has it’s own bonding, dying, and polishing characteristics. Metal eyeglass frame repair is now heavily populated by Titanium frames and frame components, and includes over half a dozen Titanium alloys, each with it’s own special welding demands.

Any facility promising broken eyeglass frame repair must maintain the equipment to not only repair these varied materials, but to electroplate, anodize, dye and resurface dozens of different frame materials and colors. FrameFixers maintains an inventory to supply all current surface treatments.

We make fixing your broken eyeglass frames easy and affordable!

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At FrameFixers, we have constructed a one-of-a-kind alignment rack utilizing two sets of three dimensionally adjustable jigs to position frame parts during welding or bonding procedures. This rack has protractor-like scales that allow us to position components at exactly the correct angle during reassembly and repair.

Our frame unit is fashioned after the units used at the turn of the last century by frame manufacturers when most frames were assembled as custom orders that dictated the frame width, nose bridge type and size, as well as the temple arm type and lengths. By reproducing this piece of eyeglass frame manufacturing equipment, we have brought the benefit of exact alignment to broken eyeglass frame repair.

Years of experience repairing broken eyeglass frames

Experience, diversity, and years of skill combine to make our facility one of the oldest and most diverse broken eyeglass frame repair facilities in the U.S.

In any given week, we can be restoring a Civil War era frame for a vintage reenactment customer, or supplying modern lenses for a Colonial era frame collector. We can be repairing a best-loved set of Bausch & Lomb Ray Ban Aviators for a boater or flying enthusiast, or repairing a high-end Sunglass pair for a fashion conscious customer.

Given the rise in the cost of a frame and lens combination up to and well over the $700 mark, it makes economic sense to have a frame repaired along with a one full year warranty.

In most cases, these modern broken eyeglass frame repairs will run well under $100, and in many cases, under $70.

For the last several years, FrameFixers has repaired and returned almost three thousand pairs of broken modern prescription frames per year to customers for an average annual total of almost two million dollars in customer product savings value per year.

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