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DIY Cable End Conversion Kit

The FrameFixers Cable End Conversion Kit is designed to provide a quality cable end set that can be easily and consistently installed with a minimum of tools and skills to produce a reliable conversion.

The kit is intended for use on an eyeglass with metal temple arms.

Cable End Conversion Kit

The kit contains:

  • One pair of high-quality cable ends covered with a textured hypoallergenic cover in a size appropriate to the average adult ear.
  • A two-part resin and catalyst epoxy for affixing the cable ends to the prepared temple arm ends.
  • An instruction sheet that fully explains each step of the conversion process together with a millimeter gauge to enable the installer to accurately and consistently cut, prepare and install the temple ends as needed.

Our video “How to Install the FrameFixers Cable End Converter Kit on Your Eyeglass Frame” shows step by step instructions. The only tools needed will be a file and a tool capable of cutting the temple arm itself.

The video begins by discussing how to determine exactly what length should be established to begin the cutting of the original temple arm. Those instructions show how to use the millimeter gauge to determine how much excess temple arm material to leave at the end of the cut temple. It then shows how to prepare the last ten millimeters of the temple arm to be inserted into the receiver end of the cable end.

By using this kit, the wearer will be able to convert the eyeglass frame to a cable end equipped eyewear without having to send the unit through the mail to have the conversion done elsewhere.

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