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Clip-On Sunglasses

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Custom fit clip-on sunglasses are now available for almost any existing prescription eyeglasses. FrameFixers has announced a line of custom clip on sunglasses called “snuggles frames” that will accommodate almost any existing eyeglasses. You can choose from over three-dozen lens profiles to accurately match the perimeter of your existing prescription frames.

FrameFixers will customize your sunglass lenses with precision and skill.

The U.S. was once the worlds’ leading supplier of custom optical frames. FRAMEFIXERS.COM is one of the few remaining Optical Fabrication facilities that does one unit orders for spring loaded custom clip-on sunglasses of Optical quality. These custom sunglasses are made one at a time to match the profile of each lens, as well as the dimensions of the overall frame. A variety of color lenses as well as a variety of frame finishes are available.

Enjoy your Custom Clip-on Sunglasses, tailored to match your existing eyeglass frames.

Having us create a pair of custom clip-on sunglasses is easy, just photocopy your existing pair and send us the copy! The custom clip-on sunglasses shown below were created using a photocopy!

Clip-On Sunglasses

Restored vintage multi-material (plastic and metal) frames

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