Do It Yourself Eyeglass Repair and Do It Yourself Eyeglass Repair

Eyeglasses Repair Emergencies

At FRAMEFIXERS.COM we acknowledge the fact that eyeglass repair emergencies can and do happen, and we respect the creative ways in which some customers make a creative and temporary repair to their important eyewear.

For example, check out what is possibly one of the most creative ways I’ve seen someone conduct a quick fix for glasses repair!

Just like emergency car repair, there are certain things you can do to temporarily keep you from being stranded, and then there are those things that you should never do and just leave it to the professionals.

Just in case you’ve decided to admit defeat and send in your glasses, here’s our phone number for free estimates!

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Lost eyeglass screws

Screws are a very frequent source of problems, but fortunately, if it is really just the screw that has fallen out of an otherwise intact hinge assembly or nosepad cup, and you still have the temple arm or nosepad ready to go back in, we recommend a small paperclip. A small paperclip will be made form a narrow gauge of wire that will go into the threaded hole without damaging the screw threads, and you can then fold the paperclip over itself lie a letter “J” and then over again to make an “O” and you should be able to wear them until you can get to an Optical Shop.

Or you can try a toothpick like this fellow, who also gives out financial advise while repairing his glasses with toothpicks. Sorry folks, no financial advise on other than reasonable prices on eyewear repair.

Broken hinges

Broken hinges are another matter, and a paper clip will not suffice. However, a pipe cleaner, wrapped around the body of the temple arm near where it broke off, and then around the frame edge, will at least get you going, rather than trying to drive with out vision. We see that tape is a frequent attempt, but even the famous Duct Tape just does not seem to want to hold for small eyeglass parts as soon as the wearers body warms it up.

Depending on the dimensions of your eyeglass frame, and where it broke, a round plastic soda straw can work if you slide the temple arm into it, and then slide the open end over the hinged assembly. This actually works fairly frequently with today’s smaller wire-like frames, especially titanium minimal frames.

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Do not fix glasses with Superglue!

If you leave this blog article with one lesson, it’s that you do not want to use is Superglue to repair glasses. Superglue, even when it is dry, very much like home insulation foam, gives off a corrosive gas. Not only will it permanently damage lenses, some people have an allergic reaction to it just being near their eyes, even when it is fully dry, that produces tiny water blisters on the membranes of the eyeball. This is one where you really should not take a chance. Try to find a non-chemical mechanical way to put your pieces together until a professional can make an appropriate and permanent repair.

Shrink tubing glasses repair

Shrink tubing is a very tempting choice for a temporary fix. We have without question seen well used and well affixed heat shrink tubing shrunk-wrapped on to a broken temple hinge, and we admire the creativity and skill it took to do it. However, we have also seen heat shrink tubing where the plastic temple arm caught in fire during the heating process, and the result are not pretty. Also, we have seen a heat shrink tubing attempt where the lens surface took a blister or burn from the heat of the flame.

Once again we say…we admire a good creative temporary repair as much as the next person, but try something at room temperature that is not a chemical or glue, that holds things together without damaging the parts.

If Glasses Repair Is Not An Option

If you end up deciding to get new glasses, maybe you can at least have a little fun with it like this guy and let a few thousand of your closest friends help you pick out your next frames!

Do It Yourself Eyeglass Repair

At least if you get your glasses repair with us, you’ll get a free eyeglass repair kit to make those minor adjustments safely!