Eyeglass Repair or Replacement of Nose Pads

Eyeglass repair of nose pads are the most frequently submitted repairs resulting from “adjustment” that we receive at our facility. The eyeglass nose pad harps are the two small Sheppard crook shaped wires that are welded to the frame or embedded into the plastic of the frame that arch out and receive and hold the nose pads.  These wires are frequently broken during “adjustment” and require a fairly complex repair of the frame.  The middle number of your frame size, i.e. 48 / 20/145 refers to the nose bridge width. The first number is the frame size, and the last is the length of the temple arms. We of course remove the lenses and eyeglass nose pads, and weld or bond a new hard and pad assembly in place of the broken one.  This is followed by white or yellow gold plating, or color lacquer applications to conceal and blend the repaired area back to the rest of the finish.

Eyeglass Repair

Repairing Eyeglass Nose Pads the Proper Way

When someone repairs eyeglass nose pads and harps, they should be using nylon-lined pliers that do not have a serrated face on them that would leave a mark.  Modern gold plating is generally fairly thin and does not hold up to edged tools.  Additionally, one does not want to have bare metal, or worse, bare metal with a splinter of metal pushed up from the surface of the harp wire in proximity to the skin on the nose where the bridge is worn.  A proper tool and a properly trained technician should be able to make all the necessary adjustments to the nose harp wire without damage or difficulty. Eyeglass repair of nose pads attachment brings a whole additional set of problems to the proper replacement or adjustment of eyeglass nose pads.

There are many types of mechanical methods for affixing eyeglass nose pads. The most common is the screw retainer type, where the nose pad has a stud with a hole in it that recedes into a receiver cup. The cup is then cross-drilled to receive a retainer screw, and the pad retention is complete.  However, over tightening or overly strenuous removal of the screw can break off the body of the screw in the cup.  This can turn a $750 dollar frame into a useless piece of metal and plastic if the screw body cannot be properly retracted and replaced.  We have the drilling and threading machinery to do so and we perform this eyeglass repair several hundred times each year. Along with the dozen different shapes and millimeter sizes of eyeglass nose pads, there are also a series called “snap-in” pads that have a mushroom stud that is either snapped through a yoke, or slides into a question mark shaped harp end to retain the pad.  Unfortunately these are even more delicate and prone to break with improper tool abuse. Fortunately, we have all of the modern variants on these snap-on harp arms and are able to replace them when they are broken.

Keep in mind that your frame should only touch your head where the nose pads touch the flanks of your nose, and where the temple arm ends are cradled in your ears. If the frame size and bridge size are correct for your head and face, there should be no need for extreme relocation of the eyeglass nose pad harps, and you should be able to enjoy your frames securely and consistently for years. Remember to contact Framefixers for your eyeglass repair needs!

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