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Eyeglass Frame Repair Pricing

Eyeglass Repair

Please call for free quotations on custom one of a kind eyewear

Basic Single Repair

Basic (Non-Hinge) Titanium Eyewear Repair

Custom Clip-on sunglasses

Covers all metal frame repair with any number of minor welds and most minor components

All repairs include expert re-plating and re-lacquering with metallic or clearcoats.

*Ray Ban Restoration Package


Ray Ban Restoration Package Description: FRAMEFIXERS.COM has developed a parts and service restoration package for the Bausch and Lomb Ray Ban Aviator. We begin with a complete disassembly of every component. The metal frame is then ultrasonically cleaned and every weld and every threaded screw receiver hole is examined. Any welds that show fine cracking lines are re welded. Any threaded screw holes showing thinning of thread receive a Fill, Drill and Tap as shown in our YouTube video. The four screws are removed from the frame are checked for thread health and any that are showing wear are replaced. Any break in the metal components such as the lens hoops or top bars is welded with 14K gold plating with additional hand polishing between the firs and second plating. Any break in the metal components such as the lens hoops or top bars is welded with 14K gold. The frame itself is “blocked” to the angles and curvature of the original configuration. The entire frame and both temple arms receive a hand polishing of every internal and external millimeter followed by a double 14K gold plating with additional hand polishing between the first and second plating. The nose pads are replaced with B & L type pads with gold tone centers. On models with conventional end temple arms, the plastic covers are replaced. On models with the cable coil ends, the welds are carefully checked and thin plastic overcovers are installed. The customer may choose black or clear overcovers or none. On models with the plastic sweat far on the upper cross bar, this plastic component is cleaned and polished and if necessary, replaced. Lenses are thoroughly cleaned on the front and back sides and the customer receives a report on the surface condition of the lenses. Replacement lenses are available in a wide variety of colors and materials at an additional separate cost. If an eyeglass case was submitted with the frames it is always cleaned and returned with the frames. Frames are packed in a new hard-shell case with microfiber linings and a leatherette covered steel cover set to protect the frame for travel. A care and cleaning kit is provided including a lens cloth and a spare correct set of B& L type nose pads with gold tone centers.

Eyeglass frame and lens repair assessment and approval:

Upon receipt of your broken eyeglass frames, we will contact you if necessary to discuss the repairs or custom fabrication, quote the price, and obtain your approval to do the work.

We will call you if for any reason your eyeglass repair does not fall into the basic or the titanium price rate.

Payment Options:

You may pay by Visa or Mastercard or by mailing us a check or money order. Please give payment information on customer information slip. Once we have received payment, we will promptly send the repaired eyeglass frames back to you the same day.

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