Framefixers Do-It-Yourself Home Repair Kit for Semi-Rimless Eyeglass Frames

The FRAMEFIXERS EYEGLASS COMPANY repair kit for replacing the semi-rimless eyeglass frame clear retainer wires allows you to replace both clear wire retainers on any semi-rimless frame up to the largest aviator shape style and size of lens sets.

The kit contains:

  1. two lengths of high quality replacement clear wire
  2. a length of installation strip ribbon to facilitate installing the clear wire retainers
  3. a precision cutter for critical end cuts to the retainer wire that provides for easy installation
  4. a measuring panel
  5. detailed drawings and instructions for the actual clear wire replacements.

Also included are a precision tweezer and smooth jaw pliers to assist in inserting and securing the clear wire retainer ends.


Begin by cleaning the lens or lenses that have fallen out of the frame using an approved lens cleaning solution and a clean cotton cloth.

If dirt or other material remain in the groove that hosts the clear retainer wire, use a soft toothbrush together with the approved lens cleaning solution to clean out the wire hosting channel all the way around the lens. Once clean, set the lenses on a clean piece of cloth in a safe location.

Once the lenses are removed from the frame, clean it thoroughly paying close attention to the channel rim or channel wire on the top half of the lens-hosting part of the frame where it fits in to the groove in the top half of the lens.

Also, pay close attention to the area where the frame ends in two round cinching holes on both sides of each lens where the clear retainer wire terminates.


Using the measuring strip provided, with the lens in place, measure the distance from the top cinching hole on each side of the lens and add two millimeters to each side for a total length. Use the safety razor to make a diagonal cut giving each end of the clear wire a “French cut” with a small diagonal point.

Beginning at the nose bridge side of the lens, use the tweezer to feed the clear retainer wire into the lower cinching hole from the lens side of the metal channel. Bring the end of the clear wire out and back through the upper hole and pause when it has two millimeters inside the lens side of the metal channel. Using the smooth flat jaws of the pliers, press the clear flat wire into the metal channel immediately above the upper hole, and immediately below the lower hole while pulling on the clear wire. This will achieve the “cinching” of the retainer wire and it will remain in place when stretched during lens installation. Repeat the process on the other side.

Place the lens in place with the upper half of the lens fitted to the rail or rim provided in the metal section of the frame. Using the Teflon strip provided in the kit, begin “walking” the clear retainer wire into place by placing the strip half way through the clear wire opening between the wire and the edge of the lens at the bridge end of the lens and pulling gently continue to locate the clear retainer wire in the channel along the bottom half of the lens.

Once you have arrived at the other side and the clear retainer wire is in place, draw the Teflon strip back to the approximate center of its length and pull it out from under the clear retainer wire. The lens should now be in place and retained by the clear wire retainer.


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