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Fun Facts About Eyeglasses

Why aren’t my “Perfect Fit” eyeglasses flat as a glass tabletop?

Ever wonder why the perfectly adjusted eyeglasses you come home from the Optometrist with don’t touch evenly on your flat glass tabletop. Or conversely, after you “straightened out” your eyeglasses to touch perfectly at the temple ends and frame top on a glass tabletop, why they don’t fit you at all?

Just look in the mirror… No one has the center of each eye at the same height on his or her face.  Additionally, no one has the same slope on both sides of their nose. Even more pronounced is the difference in height between our ears on our heads.

It is because human beings develop asymmetrically in the womb, we are never “identical” left and right.  Look closely (with your eyeglasses) and you will never look the same to yourself again!

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