Modern/Retro vs. Authentic Vintage Antique

Modern / Retro vs. Authentic Vintage Antique
Many of our FRAMEFIXERS.COM customers call us with questions regarding obtaining antique looking eyewear. This widespread interest has left many individuals with a fundamental question regarding whether to look for a genuine Vintage / Antique frame in which to place their current modern prescription, or to review the offerings of modern eyewear manufacturers for a Retro/Reproduction example.
This can be a taxing dilemma as one can vacillate back and forth as to the merits of each. To assist in simplifying this question, there are some fundamental characteristics of each group to consider against you own personal needs and specifications.
  • First off, how much use are you going to subject this eyeglass frame to?  Will it be relatively gentle fine wear as you would with a vintage piece of clothing, or are you about to subject it to daily indoor and outdoor wear? If the latter is the case, then the modern units are your best choice.
  • Second, what are your personal Optical requirements?  Is your frame size larger than 44? If so, you may find your choices limited among the surviving examples of authentic vintage frames.  Do you want to wear cable coil end temples?  Most of the authentic antique frames will have these, and straight alternative temple arms may be difficult to locate.
Authentic Vintage Antique Eyewear will not have spring temples, nor will it have modern silicone soft nose pads. These are modern accommodations that when missing will present problems long after the enjoyment of 100 year old frames wears off in daily use.
The Internet can easily provide excellent photos of the Vintage/Retro looking eyewear available from modern manufactures who can offer you the size range, color range and component elements that can give you the daily wear enjoyment you seek.
If on the other hand you are committed to obtaining and wearing authentic antique eyewear, be certain to developed a good working relationship with an eyeglass restoration facility like FRAMEFIXERS.COM  to act as your partner in supporting your vintage interests.