Oakley Retainer Screw Repair

Above you will see a pair of Oakley sunglasses that had a sheared off retainer bolt.

Believe it or not, the retainer screw was sheared off by an optician who was replacing the lenses!

To fix this I had to locate a source for retainer screws for that are the exact size, gauge, thread pitch and length as the original Oakley screws. The heads are a little different but it’s below where you can see it. I did have to cut the new screw to the correct length and the head to the correct circumference.

I was able to remove the broken body of the screw with absolutely no damage to the titanium casting around it. I drilled down into the center of the screw body with a diamond drill and then tapped in an octagonal tapered ream to a zero fit. That allowed me to un-scew it under pressure while submerging it in an ultrasonic full of RapidTap.

It was the diamond drill that made this all work. That screw body was probably a Rockwell 9. That is probably why it snapped off. The threads are untouched and clean and even the oxidation on the threads came right off when I ran a tap chaser down into it.

This is very typical of the challenges that we encounter every day here at FrameFixers. This customer also mentioned that he went to many pawnshops and jewelry stores, and everywhere he went they said that this type of work could not be done.

The customer was kind enough to send me this praise:

“Sir, I will attest to your professionalism and quality of work and to a level of personal customer service that I was not sure existed anymore, anywhere that you would like me to, this has been one of the most pleasurable business transactions I have ever experienced, not only have you provided me with the Service I needed,  but you have kept me informed, as well as passed on a little knowledge on things I knew nothing about, that sir, has been a blessing.”

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