Oakley Spring Hinge Repair and Upgrade

Several models of Oakley Sunglasses have developed a pattern of spring hinge failure that renders the frame unusable.

These models have the spring and draw bar assembly located forward in the titanium frame front casting, rather than in the traditional location in the temple arms as in most other models.

While most traditional spring hinge assembly models should be serviceable by most competent optical service centers, the models with the spring assembly located within the casting of the frame front present a unique and difficult repair that few locations can accomplish.


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Ironically, these titanium models have extraordinarily strong component parts, with the frame front and the temple arms of a gauge and design that can hold hundreds of pounds of force.

The organic design of these components has a beautiful Henry Moore sculpture like style to them that enhances and complements the exceptional quality of the Oakley lenses. Unfortunately the only thing that holds these beautiful temple arms to this strong and reliable frame front is a single wire draw bar less than the diameter of a common straight pin.

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At FRAMEFIXERS.COM, we not only replace the broken spring hinge assembly in these models, but we have developed an upgrade to deal with the frail thin gauge draw bar and spring assembly as provided by the factory.

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In the forward mount spring hinge assembly models, the draw rod, which passes through the spring and attaches to the tang head, is approximately 70 gauge, less than the diameter of a common straight pin. This is why when these units fail, the thin blade of the tang head remains captured in the hinge screw located in the forward part of the temple arm, and the draw rod and spring assembly remain in the body of the frame front.

A typical spring hinge failure in most other makes and models is the exact opposite of this, leaving the tang head still captured by the hinge screw in the frame front, and the remainder of the spring hinge assembly in a box or internal tunnel in the temple arm.


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In these Oakley models, the tunnel in the frame front assembly that hosts the spring and draw rod and retainer collar is of a very narrow diameter, limiting the size of not only the draw rod, but the spring and retainer collar as well.

At FRAMEFIXERS.COM, we line bore that tunnel in the frame front titanium casting to almost double its original size, thus allowing us to install an upgrade to a 55 gauge draw rod and a spring assembly almost double the size of the original.

There is no visible difference in the outside appearance of the frame, and the spring hinge now has the durability of the strongest of spring hinge equipped eyeglass frames in the optical goods market.

This allows the owners of these exceptional optical products to be enjoyed indefinitely.