Just when you think an art form has exhausted all of it’s possible variations, people come up with a new combination that then takes on a life of it’s own.  At FRAMEFIXERS.COM, we had already had extensive experience with customers that do Civil War reenactment having us repair and restore the frames form the 1850s, and put modern prescription lenses in them, sometimes even with TRANSITION photo chromic lenses.  We also had customers fall in love with the classic Bausch & Lomb Wayfarers and had us restore the with their own current prescription with or without the original G-15 dark green sunglass shading.  But now, in the era of everybody-buys-readers-at the-drugstore, we now have customers going out and purchasing multiple antique eyeglasses, and having us place “reader” lenses in them, sometimes as full lens units, or as half frame plain lenses with lower half readers.  They are even making 1910s eyeglasses into “sunreaders” for the beach with Transition darkening photo chromic lenses, or just straight sunglass lenses in the power of their choice.
We are always glad to restore a fine, older era frame, and equally pleased to provide the reader lens in the configuration of choice for our customer.  You should never avoid getting your eyes examined regularly, but if readers are all you need, we are here to serve your choices, and assist in the wonderful hobby of building a collection a vintage eyewear that you can actually use and wear, and to be certain, people will notice and ask you…”Where did you get those antique eyeglasses?!”   1-866-372-6339