Ray Ban Wayfarer Hinge Repair

The classic and iconic Bausch & Lomb Ray Ban Wayfarer is a long-lived design with many advantages to its construction. Well-known figures from John F Kennedy to Jack Nicholson have sported this rugged design over the decades.

Many common eyewear problems are solved with its robust construction and materials.

For example, the frame front is of generous gauge and the quality of the plastic avoids the common breakage problem of a split it the surround of the lens on either side. The molded nose pad flanks that are an integral part of the molded frame front avoids the repair of broken nose pad harp arms. The temple arms, always a potential breakage area on any eyeglass, are thick and have a generous flank depth to prevent breakage.

Photo: Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

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With all that positive construction when a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers does break, it tends to occur at the hinge assembly.  Give the sizable construction of the temple arms, they are able to exert a high level of leverage on the hinge assemble when the frame is sat on or dropped, and as a result, the hinge assembly becomes the focal point for breakage.

The Ray Ban Wayfarer hinge is a classic two part metal hinge with two eyelettes on one side and a single eyelet on the other with a single central hinge screw passing through the assembly.

In the early years the model used riveted hinge halves, evolving to in-mold formation set hinges components and then eventually thermoset hinge component halves. When the metal sections of the hinge are broken off, a reliable quality repair solution is to remove the remaining base of the broken hinge half, and install a new replacement unit.

When this is done in a correctly adjusted alignment mechanism, the resulting repair is indistinguishable from the new unit and provides lengthily years of service for the wearer.

If there was an amount of strain sufficient to break one of the hinge components, care should be taken to inspect the remaining component parts under magnification to ensure that here has been no micro-cracking of the eyelettes in their hoops, or in the stems leading to the base plates. This will complete a professional repair and give the owner a trouble free frame that is both stylish and sturdy.

Video About Ray Ban Wayfarer Hinge Repair

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