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Stephen North

I was pleased with this work. While replacing a lens in Ray-Bans I inherited, I stripped a screw and could not remove it myself. It took a couple of weeks between my sending the glasses and getting them back.The work was excellent, prices reasonable, communication before and after the job was also very good.

Faran Riley Peterson

I have a very special and sentimental pair of sunglasses that have a unique wooden frame, the screws holding the stems are also unique and there is no other place on the planet that will replace the screws. I have shipped my glasses to them twice to have new screws made. I’m really not sure how this business makes a profit at all considering how little I paid to have my glasses fixed, but I am so happy they exist. To all potential customers reading these reviews – I highly recommend following the instructions on their website when sending in your glasses. If you have any questions, email them and they will get right back to you with answers!

Shannon Ast

Wonderful work and great customer service!!

Laura Martin

I have been doing business with them for 10 years, 12+ pairs of glasses, no 1 complain!!! Excellent customer service, honest and friendly staff. Thank you FrameFixers!!!!

Ethan Wong

Brought my glasses in and they were returned fixed on the same day.