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Eyeglass Repair Testimonials

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Hi There!
I just got the glasses back and I admit they do look gorgeous. I just feel so blessed to have a piece of my heritage. These were my dad’s when he was a navigator in WWII. His plane was shot at after a bombing mission in Corme Ecluse France. If you are interested, here is a 4 minute video. Please thank Robert for me as well – he was so patient with my many phone calls wondering if the glasses were ok…

I do have some questions – the plastic “bar” across the brow seems like it is a replacement? I think Robert called this the “sweatband.” I can’t tell if it the original material that was polished… And the pieces around the ears were all chewed up, I can see they have brand new plastic ends on them. It must have been quite a job – I also note that many of the frames from this era are more triangular shaped and these are more square – is this unique?
Thanks again, and all the best to you & your company for a job well done!
I’ll be sure to “like” you on F/B, too!

Thank so much!

Margaret W.


I am very pleased with the work you did on my B&L Aviators. I will be sending you my B&L Shooters soon.

They are in worse shape than the pair you just returned. A prescription pair I wear at the beach with lots of green discoloration, loose temples, and loose lenses and generally in need of a major overhaul.


Brian H.


I just got back from being out of town and away from emails, and upon coming
home I found that my glasses had arrived, and they are SPOT ON! The lab did
an incredible job matching up the colors (which from you last email, sounded
quite confusing)! I’m wearing them out right now and loving it! Thank you so



Thank you for confirming, and thanks for the good work on the glasses.  They did in fact arrive today and I am pleased with the work.  When I phoned once to check in the person on the phone was really trying to set my expectations that the glasses are about thirty years old and will never be truly perfect, and although if one knows where to look for a repair one can identify it, I am really pleased with the repair.  It’s not really different from sending a better item of clothing to the re-weavers–it will never be the same as coming out of the store new, but its the absolute best repair that could be done and appears to be invisible.

Thanks again–Bob S.


Mr Cornell these are glasses are fantastic. The quality and workmanship are as good as I could ever hope for. They are much clearer. The fit is superb. I do plan on getting a script for a progressive lens so that I will not have to take them off in between task and increase the risk of damage.

I cannot thank you enough.



I received my refinished Ray-Ban Teacup sunglasses today and am writing to thank you for the “Wow!” customer service experience from FrameFixers. The glasses look great, returned so quickly, and with the unexpected bonus of the little glasses repair kit (the kit case definitely needs a little branding decal with your name and website).

I printed a page from your web site with your contact information. On Monday I am going walk over Eyes on the Lake, the store across the parking lot from our apartment complex. Two weeks ago, when I went in and asked them where to send my glasses to get the frames refinished, they could not help me. I am going to give them your contact information and recommend they tell any future customers to use your service.

You’ve earned my business and highest recommendation. Thanks again,

James S. M.


Dear FrameFixers,

Briefly want to acknowledge receipt of my repaired sunglasses. Arrived yesterday 19 February. Your repair is excellent and your attention to customer service exceptional.

Thank you very much.

Dr. Gabriele S.


Good morning.

My name is Larry S. and I am happy FrameFixers customer. Last year your company performed a cable arm conversion on my metal frame pair of Serengeti prescription sunglasses. I love them. There is no problem with the cable arms.

Unfortunately, I have had a couple incidents in the last year where the lens on both sides have popped out of the frame. I was out of town (in Arizona) both times when this happened, so I took them to the local Costco. I was told the second time that it appeared that the screw had been turned too tightly and stripped and now couldn’t be sufficiently tightened — and that the frame would need to be professionally repaired. That was in March and I stopped wearing those glasses. I’d like you to take a look at them and tell me if you can repair them.

Since then, I was wearing a much older (early 90’s) pair of Serengeti’s that have incredible optics — they are an older prescription and are not for reading, but they are incredibly good glass. The aviator frame is some sort of plastic/composite material (I don’t really know what it is and the optician from whom I originally purchased them has long since closed his business). Anyway, I accidentally sat on them this week and broke the frame in two places at the nose bridge (one piece was not broken and kept it from being broke completely in half). I’d like to send this pair to you as well.


Larry S.


I just wanted to send a note thanking you for the beautiful refurbish job you did on my vintage Rayban sunglasses. These glasses belonged to my deceased Mother and have huge sentimental value for me.

Your refurbish job is beautiful!! All the way down to the teeny tiny gold rivets in the frames, wow I was impressed! The glasses now look practically brand new! The repair was timely and reasonably priced and the gentleman I dealt with named Robert was terrific too. I can’t tell you how impressed and grateful I am for your help.

They look great. Thank you so much!!

Kathleen E M.

I received my repaired eyeglasses a day ago and I am really happy to have them back so quickly and they look great!  Thank you so very much!

🙂 Susan

The temple piece repairs and mods you made for my vintage glasses work great.  I am again impressed with your craftsmanship!  Thank you.

Larry D. Kelley

Just wanted to let you know I got my glasses back today and couldn’t be happier. The cable arms and temples fit great and the quality of work is much better than the last guy I sent them to.  Thanks also for the free eyeglass repair kit and keep up the great work!

Ron C.

Frames have arrived already and what a great job you guys did!!  Thank you very much!!


Geez is all I can say!!!

I had you repair my cable temples and today I received them and they
look, feel and work perfectly!!!  Talk about GREAT service and
craftsmanship – yours is beyond reproach!!!  Absolutely wonderful
dealing with a great service provider.

Thank You!

Rod M.

I received the glasses last week.  Fantastic job.


My Gucci Sunglasses that you repaired arrived safe and sound and I am absolutely thrilled with the work that you did. The frame and the hinges are sturdier than the original ones. I really, really thank you and I’d be delighted to be a testimonial for you. Hardy thanks for saving my favorite Sunglasses.

Lynn M.

Hello, just want to let you know my “good-as-new” Laura Ashley frames were delivered yesterday.  They look great and I’m glad to have my favorite frames back in service.

Thank you!

Margaret M.  of  NJ

I saw the write-up in the “Ask Teri” section of the Wall Street Journal on 1/14/2010! Your company does such great work.  My Prada sunglasses look as good as the day I first got them!  Thank you so much for the excellent job!

Victoria M. from NY, NY

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