The Repair of Metal Eyeglass Frames

At Framefixers Eyeglass Repair, we offer a wide variety of repairs for metal eyeglass frames, including Titanium ones as well as more traditional Monel, stainless steel and gold filled.

One of the most common submissions is the repair of a separation of a weld. This could be at the ends of the bridge where it meets the lens hoops, or the welds where the lens hoops meet the screw blocks. Also, common weld breaks are the attachment points for the hinge halves, and sometimes even the tiny welds where the nose pad harp arms are affixed to the frame.

Any break in any metal component such as the bridge center itself, or the temple arms can be repaired with a professionally joined weld followed by a detailed refinishing of the plating or lacquering of the area.

Lens hoops themselves are also prone to separate, especially where they approach the screw block welds where they were exposed to the heating and cooling of modern high speed manufacturing.

Each of these has its own unique demands from preparation, jigging of alignment, and welding, for which we maintain a large inventory of equipment and materials to address.

The replacement of lost broken component parts is another area that distinguishes Framefixers Eyeglass Repair from other facilities. We have over thirty thousand temple arm sets in stock that allow us to replace a missing temple arm following the welding of the broken attachment point.

The same is true of nose pad harp arms, which tend to be lost once they break loose form the frame.

Whether the hinge assembly was spring loaded or not, we can replace the spring assembly itself, or if the temple arm was lost when the hinge broke, we can duplicate the temple arm set and affix the new set by welding the new receiver set to the frame exactly as it was when it was manufactured.

Temple arm set work is another area that further distinguishes Framefixers Eyeglass Repair from other facilities. If a customer needs a temple to be longer or shorter, we can provide an almost invisible extension or shortening of the temple arm to suit any millimeter length.

If the customer is using the eyeglasses in an environment where retain the frame on their head has become troublesome, we provide one of the largest cable ends selections in the industry. This can be for work related needs like welders who must work face down or sports related needs like wind surfers who fall off their boards in heavy surf and have the challenge of keeping their eyewear in place through violent tumbling in the water.

Clearly, the benefit of restoring a frame that a customer has grown to like is in and of itself a valuable service, but of equal importance is the saving of a pair of expensive prescription lenses, which can be re-installed in the repaired and restored frame, and returned to the customer with a one full year warrantee.

Many times, our warranty for our repair and restoration work on a frame is longer than the warranty offered by a manufacturer when the frame was brand new.

In a typical year at Framefixers Eyeglass Repair, we return almost two million dollars in retail cost prescription eyeglasses to the customers, frequently for an individual cost per person of well under one hundred dollars.

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