The Wall Street Journal Reviews Glasses Repair

We are very grateful for the kind words written about FRAMEFIXERS.COM in the Ask Teri Column of The Wall Street Journal.  While our main eyeglass repair and restoration work is applied to high end prescription frames from Cartier, Bulgari, Dior and other quality companies, we enjoy it even more when a purely design driven sunglass frame comes in worn by decades of loving wear.  Some of these leopard pattern wrap- around wearable art graced the models of Coco Channel, Dior or Versace in the 1950s through the 1980s, and now need everything from complete surface refurbishing to the fabrication of complete hinge sets made here in our shop for those no longer available.
With the average eyeglass and prescription lens set purchase routinely running over $700, and our average repair running less than $70, we saved customers over two million dollars in retail prescription eyewear purchases in 2014 alone.  We still will always make time for that unique Audrey Hepburn cat’s eye frame or Ray Ban Tom Cruise Aviator sunglass that places that iconic look back on the customers face along with a smile.