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Titanium Eyeglass Repair

Repairing Your Titanium Eyeglass Frames

You will find many articles in the optical repair business giving opinions about the repair of Titanium eyeglass frames, and fixing Titanium weld components. While most of these articles are well intended, many are misinformed, or at best, repeat field data that is outdated and not currently relevant.

FrameFixers has superior titanium eyeglass frame repair techniques.

What is current and accurate is that FrameFixers has developed a unique brazing process for repairing Titanium eyeglass frames that is clearly superior to all others in the after-market repair industry.

We began by thoroughly testing and identifying all of the variants of Titanium alloy that manufactures use. Sometimes this would involve three different Titanium alloys in the same eyeglass frame.

We then developed a unique flux, shielding process and a series of brazing alloys that allows us to produce the finest brazed joint in the Titanium Optical Repair industry.

Our Titanium eyeglass frame repairs are more than just a quick fix.

Let us be clear about our terminology. Our technique is not a solder, where a soft, low temperature material is used to “glue” two pieces of Titanium together as is done with the Aluminum based repair methods. We recognized that the demands of Optical frames required a joint with the tensile strength of Titanium, but without the imbrittlement and crystallization that Argon shielded welding produced.

It is widely recognized in the retail dispensing field of the Optical industry that the weld methods used in manufacturing produce the problems of crystallization and joint cracking that plagues this high end portion of the market.

FrameFixers only delivers the best Titanium welds to meet your highest standards.

FRAMEFIXERS recognized that in order to deliver a high grade repair commensurate with the expectations of this high end clientele that only a true hard braze using a corrosion proof alloy would produce a repair joint superior to either soldering at low temperatures or true welding at higher ones.

The FRAMEFIXERS process is true brazing, well in excess of the 925 degree oxidation threshold of Titanium, and utilizes unique shielding and an alloy with the tensile strength and immunity to corrosives that makes for a truly unique and superior repair.

This method also allows us to “swage” our joints and produce a superior structural repair that has a mechanical strength far higher than the original design in its original unbroken form.

Send us your broken Titanium eyeglass frames for the highest quality repair.

We finish our titanium eyeglass repair with high quality gold plating, Rhodium plating or enamels to match the original finish to complete what we feel is the finest repair in the industry.

Need your Titanium glasses repaired?

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