Vintage Plastic Glasses Lens Removal and Replacement

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 9.52.41 PMOne of the most frequent topics coming into the workshop at FRAMEFIXERS.COM is the removal and installation of lenses in vintage plastic frames.

Whether the frame is going to get plain clear lenses so that they can act as stylish accessory to an outfit, or a lovable sunglass for sunny days, or possibly a straight magnification reader set of lenses or even a true prescription lens in single or progressive vision, they all require that the old lenses be safely removed, and new lenses installed without damaging the vintage plastic frame.

The most challenging problem seems to be solid glass lenses which are in a vintage frame and must be removed.

A safe and reliable technique is to cover the lens with a heavy industrial tape which is then cut to copy the perimeter exactly. Then, using a steel dopping block and a dopping ball, the lens is shattered with a single strike into the center with the curvature of the lens facing downward so as to prevent any point of the frame making contact.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 9.54.31 PMTo insert the new lens, a gentle trial fit accompanied by some careful excavation of the channel and the use of strips of the tear proof plasticized sheets from a tear proof mailing envelope will glide the lens into place without stressing any one point on the frame.

The key to a successful removal of a glass lens is to shatter it directly in the center while safely avoiding any contact with the frame. The key to a successful insertion of a new lens into a vintage plastic frame is to avoid stressing any one point through careful trial fitting, lens trimming and channel excavation followed by the assistance of the glide ribbon as mentioned.

Check out our instructive video on YouTube

How to remove glass and plastic lenses from plastic vintage frames.

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